7 steps to an invincible password.

Keep your accounts safe.

You wouldn't let anyone into your iPhone, so why let hackers get easy access to your accounts. Passwords safeguard our most private information, but are also the most insecure form of protection. 

Passwords are personal, and we tend to use personal information like our birthday, name, street we grew up in when picking a password, so while we don't think anyone would think to use our person inputs, this makes a password that much easier to guess.

Do you ever give your password out to family members or friends for convenience? Or maybe you store your passwords in your phone notes. With every bit of pattern or convenience, there’s also a list of reasons not to do those things or follow those conventions. 

Here are 7 hacks for keeping your passwords safe and sound. 

  1. Never share the password with others; not even those close to you
  2. Use seperate accounts where possible, and delegate access to shared accounts to seperate, individual accounts (where possible). If you cannot delegate access and can only have the single account, make sure you share the password securely with a password manager
  3. Don’t believe or trust anyone when it comes to your password. Companies will not ask for it over the phone when they call you out of the blue and Microsoft/Apple/Google/any other support will not ask your password to be emailed to them. 
  4. If for whatever reason you must hand it out in an urgent situation; ensure you change it to something different later
  5. If someone or something generates a password for you; change it
  6. Always secure your login access with multi/two factor authentication where possible
  7. Use different passwords for every login

These guidelines are a good starting point, but are by no means exhaustive. Don’t take risks when it comes to your accounts and their passwords. 

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