Award-winning female broker completes Loan Market’s record year of growth

Award-winning broker Evelyn Clark is the latest business owner to join the Loan Market Group in a record year of network growth for the aggregator.

Ms Clark, the Mortgage and Finance Broker of the Year winner at the 2020 Women in Finance Awards, is the latest broker to take up Loan Market’s Bring Your Own Brand (BYOB) offering. Ms Clarke has relocated her business, Everlend, to the network, rounding out a 62% increase in the number of new offices for the aggregator compared to the year before.

Ms Clark was one of 97 business owners who joined the aggregator in 2020. In total, 216 brokers joined Loan Market over the year.

Loan Market’s Director of National Growth Stephen Doyle said the Best Interests Duty (BID) support and COVID-19 technology solutions had encouraged scores of brokers to join the Group over the last 12 months. Alongside the existing network, the new brokers have enjoyed a surge in productivity over the year.

“Safety amidst new regulatory demands and the opportunity for brokers to grow their businesses in the digital age were real drivers for Loan Market’s growth in 2020,” said Mr Doyle.

“With quality operators like Evelyn seeing the value in Loan Market’s business growth support, the Group is well-positioned to continue its innovative approach to customer service throughout 2021.”    

In her fifth year in broking, Ms Clark said she moved to Loan Market to keep in-front of emerging industry trends.

“I entered the industry at a time when there was so much change happening,” said Ms Clark.

“You speak with some brokers who have been in the industry a long time, and they often say: ‘It used to be so much easier to get a loan approved’.

“I’ve been through the Royal Commission, increased regulatory changes and requests for documentation, so the constant change is something I’m used to.”

Ms Clark said enabling her business through technology was a strong motivator for her move to Loan Market.

“With BID and the general market demands of brokers, a strong technology and automated marketing solution is really critical to business growth.

“[Loan Market’s] technology was a big selling point for me. Going forward, the industry is going to be led by digital operations.

“I wanted more automation so the customer is getting what they need; it also makes the engagement process seamless for me.

“My personal brand is really about empowering customers: educating clients so they can make decisions with confidence. Loan Market provides a wealth of information for customers and ensures they feel comfortable with every step of the process.”

Culture was also a major consideration for Ms Clark in her decision.

“I reached out to a few brokers from different aggregators and asked them what the support and interaction with the corporate and network teams were like. Everyone I spoke to at Loan Market was very complimentary about the support they received.”