Adelaide Bank - VOI

Digital signatures

We will now accept a digital signature on our Consents and Declaration form that is required as part of an application using an industry provider such as DocuSign.

Verification of Identity (VOI)

We are adopting an interim Verification of Identity (VOI) process where in the event face to face VOI via either yourself or Zip ID cannot be facilitated, VOI verification using a video technology facility, such as Skype or Facetime, may be used.

To complete a VOI through video technology, 

  • the applicant must send a copy of their required identification documents to the broker conducting the VOI
  • once received, the applicant must display the original ID via video to ensure the broker is satisfied that the copies provided match the originals

The broker must then:

  • certify the copies in line with our standard requirements
  • tick the “Face to Face with broker” option under the VOI declaration as the method (whilst we work towards updating our form)
  • in the commentary section under the CID option or as a separate diary note, make a note referencing the use of video technology for the VOI, including the technology used

Loan Documentation delivery

Where it is required, we will issue loan documentation via email to the broker. If you require this service on an application, please contact your BDM or our Partner Assist team to arrange.

We are currently working with our panel solicitors to implement a digital solution for document delivery and execution and I will provide further details on this at a later date.