Bank Australia - VOI

Bank Australia accepts (Loan Market policy):

  • Meetings can be conducted either face to face or via a video conference that enables you to record the meeting. (Skype, Zoom, Go to Meeting are some secure service providers).
  • If completing an interview via video conference, you must obtain client consent to proceed within the recording and restate it prior to commencement of the interview
  • Disclose to the lender at the time of submission of the interview was conducted electronically
  • Record detailed notes of the surrounding circumstances ie, virus impact as justification for conducting the meeting electronically

Bank Australia only request that the banks Privacy Notification and the Loan Application Authority (LAA) which requires the customers signature are emailed to the customer and returned to the bank. The LAA contains the consent for electronic delivery of documents and acceptance along with the declaration that they have received the Privacy notification amongst a couple of other consents.