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7 September, 2021

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Smart-Verify launches today.

Smart-Verify is here and is now the preferred method of completing Verification of Identify (VoI) for customers applying for a BankSA home loan.

The Smart-Verify Biometrics (primarily facial recognition) allows customers to quickly and easily complete their Land Titles Office VoI requirement, and will improve time to approval through a faster, more reliable and efficient VoI process. This new capability removes the need to send through the VoI certificate and VoI identification documents with your application supporting documents in ApplyOnline (AOL). This does not replace standard customer identification requirements.

Using Smart-Verify for VoI.

  1. Gain consent from your customer by explaining the Smart-Verify VoI process and providing a copy of the Customer Fact Sheet to each applicant.
  2. In AOL broker notes, enter customer confirmation to use Smart-Verify VoI process.
  3. After the application has been submitted in AOL, we'll send you an email with information such as the Loan Application number, to be forwarded on to the customer/s.
  4. We’ll then send the customer an SMS which will enable them to complete the Smart-Verify VoI process using the details from the email.
  5. After the customer has completed the VoI process, the pre-assessor will contact you to notify you of the outcome.
Please note that Smart-Verify will not work for customers with an apostrophe in their name (such as O'Neil). For these customers, please revert to the VoI certificate and VoI ID documents.

You can find further information in the Smart-Verify Guide and the Customer Fact Sheet on BrokerHub.