Interview & Identification process (Current Policy)

In regards to our Interview and Identification process CBA policy allows an interview over webinar/skype (or similar) however Head Groups, ACL Holders and brokers need to consider the following:

Obtain and document customer consent - Customer Privacy Consents to cater for video conferencing which may include recording the interview.

Appropriate assessment (scripting) to: 

  • Determine whether there are any other parties, who are not associated to the loan, present and if they are whether the applicant consents to their presence
  • Determine any signs of duress or undue influence on the borrower(s) and decline to proceed if there are any concerns
  • All applicants must be present and all applicants faces must be clearly visible
  • All applicants must be audible during the interview and each applicant must be visible when communicating

Note: file that the interview took place via webinar.

Note: Webinar interviews are not deemed as face to face, this is important to note in relation to identification Method of Identification (Current Policy).

Legislation regarding Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know your Customer (KYC) does not take circumstances such as the COVID-19 into consideration. Under our agreement, brokers are our agents for the sole purpose of identification.

Under our agreement only the following methods apply:

Where a face to face took place: Broker must sight and verify from original ID documents.

Note: a broker sighting identification via an applicant holding their identification in front of the camera is not deemed as sighting originals.

Where a non-face to face took place: The Certified Copies (Prescribed Person) method applies (which requires a borrower to meet with the Prescribed Person). Borrowers to call into a local branch for Bank staff to identify.

There is no change to guarantor requirement which currently requires face to face.

Brokers should always refer to our CommBroker site for current policy: