Online Fact Find reminders update

We've changed the way we remind your customers to complete their Online Fact Find.

These changes have been made to help you get more returned Online Fact Finds, and improve the customer experience.

What's changed?

  • Reduced the number of email reminders
  • Emails are now sent from you, their broker, instead of Customer Care
  • More tailored messaging

You might have some questions around this change. We've answered them below for you. 

1. Why does the online fact find link now “expire” after 24 hours. 

This isn't new. This was implemented when MyCRM moved to Multi-Factor Authentication through OKTA. The new email reminder simply highlights the steps the customer needs to take to send themselves a new link. Don't worry, the link doesn't actually expire, as the customer can always access a link to login by sending one to themselves (using the steps in the email).

We've now updated the email and have removed all reference to "expiry" to avoid confusion. 

2. What do you, the broker, need to do when you get a notification?

Nothing! The notification serves as an update to let you know what action your customer has or hasn’t taken (e.g. they have logged in but haven’t sent for review, or they haven’t logged in yet) and to confirm that your customer has received a reminder from you, in case they reach out with any questions. It also gives you the opportunity to give your  customer an extra nudge to complete their profile.