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7 September, 2021 

Deposit Bonds Have Never Been So Easy!

Deposit Assure is out to change the game. Based in Melbourne, our mission is to make it easier for mortgage brokers to obtain deposit bonds for their clients (it really is that simple).

Deposit Assure has now launched Australia's FIRST & ONLY Digital Deposit Bond!

Goodbye Paper!  Instantly issued, meaning homebuyers can exchange instantly on their purchase without needing to wait on the snail mail!

 To find out more or to watch the video below on how our digital deposit bonds work.

Choose Deposit Assure for your next deposit bond

Deposit Assure promises to make it easier for mortgage brokers to obtain deposit bonds. 

1. Quick: 60 seconds to request a finance backed, deposit bond using Deposit Assure's concierge service;

2. Quick approvals: Expect a pre-approval within 15 minutes for finance backed deposit bonds;

3. 100% Digital - A full digital solution, with eSigning with Docusign as well as digital ONLY Deposit Bond! Deposit Assure's deposit bonds, are instantly issued, meaning homebuyers can exchange instantly on their purchase - No more paper deposit bonds! 

To learn more about Deposit Assure, please watch the video below, explaining the 3 things you need to know about Deposit Assure.

Refer your next deposit bond to Deposit Assure from your portal here.


Your accreditation will be completed automatically as you are onboarded to Loanmarket. For any enquiries relating to your accreditations, please email


Commissions are paid directly to Loanmarket on the 10th day of the following month a deposit bond was issued.

The commission amount, paid to Loanmarket, will be 25% of the deposit bond premium.

For any enquiries relating to commission payments, please email your client success team –

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For any deposit bond enquiries please contact your client success team on 1300 798 797 (option 1) or scan the QR codes below to add your client success managers, contact details to your phone!

The client success team can also be contacted by email -

Cath Vins      

Eliza Larkman

Thank you for your support and your trust in Deposit Assure.

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