Dynamic Credit Guide and One-touch Privacy Policy

From today, two new tech tools are available in MyCRM!

  • One-touch Privacy Policy - the most demanded Canny request ever!
  • And, the Dynamic Credit Guide - which automatically pulls your lender split and accreditations (a regulatory requirement).

Both new tools keep you BID-safe, save you time and generally make life a tad bit easier! 

One-touch Privacy Policy.

It’s the most requested Canny feature, ever! Now it is here and ready for you to use. The new Privacy Policy will take the pain out of manually sending the document to your client. Simply, select the Privacy Policy in the Hello Pack and woolah, off it goes to your client to be digitally signed and sent back. All within MyCRM.

Watch the demo.

Dynamic Credit Guide.

Part of your legal requirements is to send the credit guide to every customer and thanks to the new dynamic Credit Guide that is easier than ever. With a click of button the credit guide will be sent in the Hello Pack to your client and even include a list of lenders you are accredited with.

Watch the demo.