FileInvite now integrated to MyCRM

To keep you BID-safe and save you even more time, you can now send clients a FileInvite request with your pre-made templates through the Hello Pack or the Online Fact Find. That's right, you no longer need to manually copy the link from the FileInvite website. 

What’s new?

  • Select FileInvite as your document collection tool in the Hello Pack or Online Fact Find 
  • Request customer documents with your pre-filled FileInvite templates
  • Choose where to automatically save your customer documents (GDrive/Dropbox/OneDrive)
  • Plus, collect customer bank statements by linking BankStatements via FileInvite

Turn on FileInvite.

Simply turn on FileInvite in MyCRM by selecting ‘reset password’ at

For more information, watch the How to access FileInvite in MyCRM video below.

See it in action (your how to series).

To use this new integration to its full potential, simply watch these short videos, or see the slide deck here. 

How to access FileInvite in MyCRM. 

Watching time: 38 seconds

How to create your own templates.

Watching time: 3:02 minutes

How to copy suggested templates.

Watching time: 1.30 3minutes

How to create a digital signing page for the privacy and disclosure statements.

Watching time: 2:07 minutes

How to manage notification settings.

Watching time: 2:16 minutes

How to use with FileInvite.

Watching time: 2:15 minutes

What can FileInvite do?