Get higher quality Ray White referrals

Every year thousands of leads move between Ray White agents and Loan Market brokers, and thanks to My Lead Generator you can now get higher-quality referrals sent to you in real-time, straight into MyCRM, with an Online Fact Find started!

How do you get started? 

1. Get your My Lead Generator link from MyCRM 

  • 4 minute how-to video here
    • Learn how to add tracking to your My Lead Generator link
    • Find out how you'll know if a My Lead Generator lead came from your Ray White referral partner

2. Send your My Lead Generator link to your Ray White referral partner and ask them to add it to their real-time responses email template 

Watch and learn

Watch the video below and learn about:

  • What real-time responses are 
  • How they can help you work closer with your referral partner (and get you higher quality leads!)
  • How to approach your referral partner about getting these set up

We also touch on the Ray White Calculator, another easy way to get higher quality leads from your Ray White referral partner. Watch to learn more.

What are real-time responses?

  • Automated emails that are sent to Ray White customers when they enquire about a property listing via, or
  • These are set up through Ray White's CRM system (My Desktop).

Here's your 4 minute how-to video:  

Here's your Ray White referral partner's how-to video:

What are the benefits to you and your Ray White referral partners?

For your Ray White referral partner: 

  • Save them time! Automate the referral process (no more ad-hoc texts, emails or scribbled notes).
  • Win them business! Help them increase the number of pre-approved buyers. 
  • And, provide a great customer experience!

For you, the broker:

  • Receive Ray White referral leads directly into MyCRM (no double handling).
  • Because leads will come through your personalised My Lead Generator link they will have started the Online Fact Find, which means higher-quality referral leads!

It’s important that you speak the same language as your referral partners. To help, we’ve created this cheat-sheet of terms.

My Desktop: it is Ray White’s CRM system.

Real-time responses: Automated emails sent to Ray White customers when they enquire about a property listing via, or

My Lead Generator: your personalised lead generation link that can be included on any marketing collateral, social media, emails and more! It launches a potential customer into the Online Fact Find and pulls that information directly into MyCRM. Don’t have a link? Get started here.