Home Now partners with Compare and Connect.

Home Now has always been there to help your customers find the most competitive home utilities bills, but now, it's even better!

Loan Market CSM Nicole Barbour heard the news, and decided to email Home Now to see how they could help her save on her energy bill.

The scenairo:

  • Nicole was on an AGL Pay On Time discount that was ending
  • Her bill averaged $930 per quarter (less a $232 Pay On Time discount) leaving $698 
  • The new AGL tariff was going to put her to $745
  • She had a few options from the Compare & Connect rep she spoke to and ended up switching to Alinta which would take her to $700 
  • One email and no fuss got Nicole a 6% saving - with that cash back in her pocket, not the retailers! 

The joint venture with Compare & Connect means your customer (and you) can get even more benefits:

  • A new and improved online journey that is simple for customers to compare and connect
  • More choice of utility retailers than ever before with over 30 options that clients can easily compare and connect which lifts conversions and drives more commission back to your office
  • Better and easier commission scheme. Home Now has already rewarded over $800,000 to offices over the last 15 months
  • Better technology so referring the service is simple, quick and effective

To get set up email support@raywhitehomenow.com or call one of our onboarding specialists Sarah Chapman on 0415 737 196