Improved Future Financial Goals

We’re on a mission to make your work as easy as possible, so we’ve simplified the way you answer questions surrounding your client’s Future Financial Goals within the Goal Setter and Loan App. 

With some confusion around the purpose of the Future Financial Goals section, lack of understanding on what was mandatory or not, and fears of stepping too deep into financial advice, the new update will put your mind at ease. 

What’s changed?

The update includes; 

  • clear prompts to help you understand what to fill out and where, 
  • a compulsory summary with optional questions,  
  • disclaimer text next to financial goals section explaining the purpose of the question and confirming that the broker is not giving financial advice
  • MyCRM and the Goal Setter: the fields across MyCRM and Goal Setter now match, and anything put into the Goal Setter in these fields will map across into MyCRM.
  • Customer objectives questions: this may look complex at first glance, but trust us, it's not! The two existing Customer Objectives questions in MyCRM have been updated to more clearly identify the client's notes (written in the Online Fact Find and mapped through to MyCRM) and which one the broker completes (and maps into the Game Plan).

Watch the video for a full look at the changes.