Effective immediately, where a face-to-face interview between broker and client is not possible, ING will allow brokers to conduct customer identification using video based technology. This digital method of identification will add to the more traditional methods still available.

Below are the steps to follow when using video technology, allowing a seamless ID verification process:

  • Broker to request and receive copies of an applicant’s identification documents (list of acceptable documents outlined in the ING Identification form)
  • Broker arranges for a video meeting with applicant(s) to be identified
  • Applicant displays the original identification documents on the screen camera. The broker then validates:
    • The documents in the video are the same documents as the copies provided to the broker
    • The likeness of the applicant is identical
    • The documents appear valid and accurate

Following verification of the applicant’s ID, the broker then:

  • Completes the application in ApplyOnline as per standard process
  • Completes the new ING Identification form (attached) indicating the method of ID verification used in the declaration. This has been made available on our introducer site and will be updated on ApplyOnline in due course.
  • Submits the ING Identification form and supporting documents as per standard process

Please note ING reserves the right to request face-to-face verification of ID where there is any uncertainty as to an applicant’s identification.