Loan Market Go - VOI

Resuming some face-to-face customer identification methods

Key Point:

  • We’ll now resume accepting customer identification verification face-to-face via IDyou, ZipID or the Australia Post form

As states ease restrictions for public gatherings it’s likely that aggregators will ease strict social distancing measures, so we will resume accepting customer identity verification for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Verification of Identity (VOI) requirements via:

  • IDyou app (either In-Person or via Remote Verification)
  • ZipID (In-Person only
  • Australia Post ID form (customer completes in Australia Post Branch

Any other way to check a customer’s identification won’t be accepted including using our 100 point ID form.


Where States allow face-to-face meetings, and as a result your aggregator allows face-to-face meetings, provided it is safe to do so, you can continue to perform interviews face-to face-with your customers.

We also allow video conferencing interviews to conduct the loan application interview.

Video Conference Interviews and Remote ID verification
If you are not meeting a customer face to face and interviewing your customer via video conference and utilising IDYou Remote, you will need to:

  • sight your customer with their original identity documentation
  • review these ID documents presented in the video call and compare it with the ID information the customer submitted via the IDyou app
  • Document within your submission notes, the customer identity documents presented during the video interview and method of the video conference. Here’s a sample of what you can write:

“I held a (describe the video method used. e.g. Zoom, facetime etc.) interview on (insert date) and during this interview the customer displayed their (insert ID sighted).”

Advantedge requires a minimum of one photographic ID document, but preferably two.

Remain vigilant to loan application fraud

You’re reminded to remain vigilant during this pandemic period and be aware of the heightened potential for loan application fraud.

If you suspect any potentially fraudulent or suspicious activity, please raise this with your BDM immediately.

For further information on using the IDyou or ZipID apps and video interviews, visit