Macquarie - VOI

We’re introducing an update to our Verification of Identity (VOI) process to help you with client identification during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

If you’re unable to meet with a client in person, you will now be able to conduct the VOI process via video technology (such as Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom).

Please note this is a temporary measure during the COVID-19 period and we’ll advise you of any further changes to this process.

We’ve outlined the steps to follow to verify your client’s identity via video call.
1. Ask your client for a scanned copy of their identification documents before you begin the video call.
2. On the video call, your client will need to hold up their original identification documents so you can compare the photo in the identification documents to their face in the video and confirm they match.
3. Confirm the scanned documents you’ve received match those presented by your client and also confirm the reasonable likeness of the person on the call to the person in the photo on the identification documents.
4. In the ‘Date and location of interview’ section of the ‘Home Loans ID Form’, you’ll need to note that the interview was completed by video call and details of the call including the date and the program used for the call. For example: Interview via video call, 6 May 2020, Skype.

If you’re not satisfied that the video call or documents shown meet your verification of identity requirements, your client can also have their identity verified using the ZipID ‘come to you’ service or with an in-person interview at their local Australia Post branch.