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A whopping 43% of cyber attacks target small business, so we're making changes to our award-winning platform, MyCRM to protect you and your customer data.

     What is the critical security change in MyCRM?

In order to meet the highest standard of identity and security safety Loan Market is taking the step to implement two-factor authentication on MyCRM. This critical security update is powered by Okta, a world-leading independent provider of identity safety. 

Over 65% of hackers say Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of their biggest obstacles - so we're putting that obstacle in place. That’s why you will begin the process of updating your MyCRM password with Multi-Factor Authentication.

     What's Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a method to prove you are you! Your computer will only grant you access after you’ve successfully presented two or more pieces of evidence to authenticate your identity; like a password, SMS code, facial recognition, thumbprint or authentication digits. It’s safe and keeps the crims out.

For you, the broker or CSM, it will feel a little bit different logging into MyCRM. But for your customers, it will be a seamless experience.

From July 13 (see the timeline above) customers who are using the Online Fact Find will be asked to set up a password (*new*) and then an SMS code will be sent to their mobile to identify them - this is MFA in action!

Many of your customers would already experience this process when logging onto their online banking and in many other applications.

New customers.

For those who are new or returning customers, they will not be impacted by this security upgrade. They’ll simply follow the prompts when it’s time for them to start their Online Fact Find.

Currently active customers.

For those who are currently completing an Online Fact Find between now and July 13, and who may need to log back in they’ll be told their credentials have expired and need to set up their password. Again, once they put in their email address, they will follow the prompts and set up Multi-Factor Authentication with a password and SMS code they receive to their mobile and then continue on with their Online Fact Find as normal.

All the FAQs about the MyCRM security update, Multi-Factor Authentication and how it will keep you safe.

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Follow these steps to set up your new MyCRM password in the testing environment.

1. Click on this link and it will take you to a MyCRM page and ask you to ‘Reset your Password.’

2. Enter your email you use to log into MyCRM and press enter. This will generate an email that will be sent to your inbox.

3. Check your inbox, you’ll find an email with the subject line; ‘Reset your MyCRM Password’. Please follow the prompts in this email.

4. You’ll be asked to create a new password. Your new password needs to be 12 characters long, can not be similar to your existing password and not a common password like; 123456Password for example.

6. Next, it will ask you to ‘Set up Google Authenticator’ to set up 2-step verification (this is very important to keeping you and your data safe).

7. You’ll need your mobile for this step. On your mobile phone visit the App Store or Google Play and search and download the Google Authenticator App. This is a free app.

8. Right now, we are setting up 2-step verification and as such, on occasions when you sign into MyCRM you will need a code that is generated from this App. It keeps you safe. Please do not delete the Google Authenticator App.

9. Once the app downloads on your phone, click ‘Begin Setup’.

10. Select ‘Scan Barcode’, and scan the barcode that appears on your desktop screen using your phone. This will automatically generate a 6-digit authenticator number in the App.

11. Enter the 6-digit code shown on your Google Authentication App into the MyCRM page.

12. Success! You’ve safely updated your new MyCRM password. Scroll down for some ideas on how to store your passwords securely. 

Check how secure your current passwords are here.

Create a passphrase that you can use for MyCRM here.

Each online account you use should have a unique password - but you're not expected to remember them all. We recommend using LastPass or 1Password to securely store all your passwords with ease.