Privacy consent is a must.

Don’t forget, in order to keep you safe and meet your legal obligations, you must obtain privacy consent from all clients on an application when you start collecting their personal information. 

This ensures you are complying with the Australian Privacy Principles by notifying your clients (at the time of collecting their personal information): 

● What type of personal information is being collected; 

● Who that personal information will be disclosed to; and 

● How we (Loan Market) and you use that personal information.

There are two ways you can ensure your complying with this requirement:

Send the One-touch Privacy Policy as part of the Online Fact Find and ensure you receive a completion notification for all applicants. Please remember, all individual applications need to provide their consent. 

Send the standalone Privacy Disclosure and Consent form to your clients located in the Important Documents section of MyCRM and ensure this is signed by all applicants either physically or digitally.

For a refresher - watch the thrive video below: