Requirements added to The Loan Market Way.

  • Ensure the personal and financial information captured in MyCRM is consistent with the Game Plan, Apply Online and the lender serviceability calculator that is required to be uploaded to MyCRM. 
  • Ensure remediation actions to upload identified missing documents are completed within 5 business days after issuance of audit report. 
  • Reminder: if changes are made or required by the lender post submission, please make the amendments or, at a minimum, leave notes in MyCRM as to what information has changed and why

Thank you to everyone who has completed the Banking Code of Practice (BCOP) training and provided the certificate of completion. 

BCOP training is a mandatory industry training requirement. 

If you have not completed the BCOP training, please complete the training as a priority. You can access the training from the MFAA website (for MFAA members) or AAMC training website (for FBAA members).