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Resimac is pleased to announce the following initiatives to support brokers and customers with improved processes in the current environment.

Remote Identification — IDYou

From 1 April 2020, Resimac will accept MSA National's IDYou Verification of Identity (VOI) mobile app for both face-to-face AND remote verification of a customer's identity. This move is aligned with the new guidelines recently released by ARNECC, to meet social distancing requirements.

IDYou is a secure tool that provides an assisted approach to capturing all VOI data ensuring the correct information is held and that the quality of information meets compliance standards.

Benefits to brokers and customers

  • Improved privacy. No more hard copies in your brief case and no more soft copies on your phone or laptop.
  • It's quick! VOI in a matter of minutes.
  • More secure: VOI documents are encrypted, stored on secure servers and requires a unique security code to access reports.
  • Can be done anywhere, anytime.

Set-up access in two easy steps

  • MSA National will set you up with an account and email you the details.
  • Download the app: Apple or Google Play
  • Log in to the IDYou App using the username and password that will be emailed to you by MSA National over the next 48 hours.

Watch how it's done
Remote VOI: Click here to watch
In-person VOI: Click here to watch

Submitting the VOI report with your loan application
Once you have completed the VOI, it will automatically save the report on the IDYou App. When you are ready to submit your loan application to Resimac, you will need to go back into the IDYou App, go to that borrower's VOI record and click on 'Prepare Report for Lender' which then displays all lenders who are formally accepting IDYou.

Click here to download samples of the in-person and remote reports for reference.

For more information, please visit

Application and additional form digital and electronic signature acceptance

To assist with brokers not meeting face-to-face with applicants, Resimac will also now accept broker and applicant digital and electronic signatures on our application form and supporting documents effectively immediately.

Examples of digital and electronic signatures are below for reference.
Sample signatures

Where an electronic signature has been used as opposed to a digital signature, an email from the applicant/s will be required to be provided with the supporting documents in line with the template below prior to the application being sent to credit for assessment.

Email template:
“I <applicant full name> confirm that the electronic signature provided by me, to Resimac on <DDMMYYYY> on the <name of form> is true, related to me and authorised by me.

I acknowledge that Resimac will accept receipt of my electronic signature and authorise Resimac to accept my electronic signature for the purposes of proceeding with my request."

Where a digital signature has been used, the above template is not required.

These initiatives demonstrate that Resimac continues to comply with our responsible lending standards while also being committed to the needs of Australians during this time.

If you have any questions, please contact your Business Development Manager or Relationship Management Team.

The Resimac team