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2 November, 2021

As you may have heard GetCapital has rebranded to Shift. 

When we launched GetCapital back in 2014, we did so to fill a gap left in the market by the banks. Today we're so much more than a business lender. We're changing the way brokers help Australian businesses access and manage their finances.

Rebrand FAQ's

  • What's the new link to your product guide?
  • How do brokers become accredited?
    • Brokers can now say goodbye to the traditional accreditation process filled with paperwork and long wait times. You can easily access our network online and in a few easy steps. Get started here.
  • How do brokers contact their local BDM?

  • What's your new legal and trading name?
    • Our legal names remains GetCapital Pty Ltd. but our trading name is Shift Financial ("Shift").