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Wisr Credit Policy

Wisr has been delivering exceptional experiences to Loan Market brokers since 2015.
Part of this experience is our commitment to transparency by allowing brokers to understand our credit policy and our supporting document requirements in detail. We believe this level of transparency, coupled with our rate estimate and servicing calculator tools, allows you to accurately assess if Wisr is best placed to assist your client and, if so, give you plenty of confidence that when you submit a loan application to Wisr it is highly likely to be approved.

Version control is critical of course as we are regularly streamlining policy to meet market conditions. The current versions of our Credit Policy Overview and Supporting Document Checklist can be found on our Broker Portal, at broker.wisr.com.au
Can’t access these?  Are you not accredited with Wisr or have simply forgotten your log in details? 
Please contact us on 1300 992 007 or better still send an email to contact@wisr.com.au and your BDM will be in touch to resolve.