Kirsty Cloherty

Loan Market Mortgage Adviser servicing Varsity Lakes, Coolangatta, Banora and surrounding suburbs

About Kirsty Cloherty

I have over 16 years experience within the Banking and Finance Industry, working with one of the major Banks for over 10 years. I pride myself on successfully guiding my clients through each stage and help them understand all points of the loan process. I work with the agents and solicitors to make sure the process is as seamless as possible, keeping my clients informed at each stage.

I can help with:

First home buyers
Investment loans
Debt consolidation loans
Construction loans
Lo Doc and No Doc loans,
No deposit home loans

I made the decision to transition from being in the Banking industry into the Broker world after being frustrated with limitations set within the Banking format compared to being able to look at a broader range of options with flexibility and suitability to each individual situation.

I understand the importance of looking at each client as an individual and matching them with a potential Financier that can assist them to reach their desired goal and also look to build for the future.

I like to think you may be my client for life as with each stage from start up to Family growing and expanding then eventually leaving, this can bring multiple changes and needs and I would like to be the person you think of to assist when questions and needs arise.