Investing in Property

The types of loans available for investment properties are generally the same as the ones available for owner occupied properties. The key to determining which loan is right for your investment comes down to your investment strategy. As with any large financial decision you make, it’s always wise to seek investment advice from a professional before entering into any property investment. As an experienced mortgage broker, I have helped a lot of clients with their investment property loans over the years. This knowledge and experience means I can compare investment loans to see which loan fits your investment plans and lifestyle.

From the first initial phone call I knew we had someone in our corner playing for our team. We had Tony who was there to ease our stress, manage our concerns and liaise with others for us on our behalf. Tony was and still is, always available for any questions or advice no matter how big or small they may seem. We never feel embarrassed to ask those questions you think you should know and Tony is always willing to guide you into the right direction. We have Tony to thank for helping us to start our investment plan and we are looking forward to using Tony again for all our properties and financing in the near future. Giulia Minisini & Pedro Capucho Huntleys Cove, NSW

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