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I retired from the Australian rowing team after my second Olympic games in 2016, having won two Silver medals in the Men’s Four at both London and Rio Olympic games. Since starting up as a finance broker, I have loved the challenges that I have faced and aim to bring my customers the same level of dedication and success that I achieved during my career.

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    Inner City Apartments

    As I’m located in the Inner Brisbane area, the question relating to apartments gets asked quite a lot. So what is happening in regard to lending for inner city apartments?

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    Guarantors - demystifying the guarantor loan scenario.

    Guarantor loans are when direct relatives i.e. parents and/or siblings can contribute towards the deposit of a loan by using equity in their existing property as security. The policies and requirements are vastly different between lenders but the products allow the opportunity for first home buyers wanting to get into the property market to do so.

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    Family Tax Benefits

    Did you know that your payments from Centrelink for family tax benefits does assist in the servicing of a loan? I can assist you with determining which lender on our panel is suited to your needs, which take this and all other relevant income into account. Make sure that you’re providing this information when discussing your finance.