Are they being overlooked?

It's never been so cheap to borrow… yet so few are capitalising. 

Low rates aren’t just good news for the influx of first time buyers racing in to get their first loan to buy their first home or investment property. This is also the right time for existing mortgage holders to capitalise on lender competition and super low interest rates. 

Despite interest rates dropping to historic lows, less than ten percent of mortgage holders in Australia have refinanced. That means millions of mortgage holders are paying extra interest for no reason or benefit. That’s the definition of crazy or lazy, given I’ll happily do all the heavy lifting for your client. 

Does your client know their rate? 

About half of surveyed home loan holders don’t know their home loan rate. 

So why talk to your clients about refinancing?

  1. Leverage equity. Refinancing a home loan can allow your client  to free up the equity in their asset to buy another property.
  2. Redeploy repayments. Lock in lower rates before they rise again, so your client can choose to pay more off principal or perhaps take on a second property.

  3. Better fit. This can be a great chance to consider a different product type, consolidate other debts, shave years off the loan, or access exclusive deals. 

Competitive home loans are ever changing and paying extra interest on an uncompetitive loan is the price paid for not reviewing and refinancing. At the end of the day, interest is just a payment to the bank for the privilege of borrowing their money. It’s not an amount going towards the value of your client’s home or investment property, so there is no benefit to paying more of it. 

No lender will offer your client a deal if they don’t ask. Let me compare over 1000s of products for your clients, and see if we can save them a $#!% tonne.

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