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Loan Market announce international award winners

Loan Market Group has revealed their international award winners, highlighting businesses who excel across areas including; customer service, process efficiency, diversification and volume at a black-tie Gala in Hobart last week.

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Brokers rank Loan Market as the industry’s top trainer

An annual survey of more than 500 brokers around Australia named Loan Market’s Training and Education program as the best in the industry via publication Mortgage Professional Australia’s (MPA).

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Treasurer to headline Loan Market’s international Game On conference

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will address Loan Market’s International Conference Game On next week to outline the role of mortgage brokers in the Morrison Government’s vision for the financial services sector.

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Former Loan Market broker returns to Group

Award-winning aggregator Loan Market’s digital advancements have enticed former broker Paul Pantazopoulos back to the network. Formerly with Loan Market for three years, Mr Pantazopoulos has returned after spending nine months operating under PLAN Australia. When his partnership arrangements chan...

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Sports scientist makes the leap to broking

A biomechanist who helped Australia’s track and field team at the Sydney Olympics has transferred her problem-solving skills to mortgage broking with Loan Market. Lisa Bridgett came to mortgage broking via an unconventional path. She commenced her career doing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport ...

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Warning for first time buyers! Don’t bid until you’ve done these three things

If you’re buying your first home or helping a family member enter the property market, make sure you’re ‘bid ready’ by doing the following before raising a bidder paddle or making an offer.

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5 reasons buyers are in the driver’s seat this winter

Winter traditionally brings with it a lull in the property market, yet this winter is like no other. What’s in it for you if have plans to buy? They say property cycles are seasonal in Australia: in winter we hibernate (owners don’t look to sell and buyers are less active), then in Spring bidders...

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A new financial year presents a whole new world for borrowers

​It feels like everyone’s champing at the bit to see change in the sluggish property and lending sectors in Australia. The central bank consecutively cut cash rates to new lows, banks have quickly responded, the regulator has relaxed the serviceability floor for borrowers, non-bank lenders are b...

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Are your clients “bid ready” for this unconventional Spring selling season?

​As positivity reemerges in the property market, and banks lower the testing rate on serviceability criteria, more of your clients may be planning on buying soon. Indeed, how much they can borrow today is likely vastly different to last month.

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WA customer wins $5,000 holiday

Loan Market and Ray White Concierge, in partnership with Allianz gave one lucky customer a chance to win a $5,000 holiday and the winners story is the perfect example of the Loan Market and Ray White families supporting customers together (ahh those feels!).

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The good, the bad and the interest only

The RBA regularly disappoints audiences who prefer their fiscal performances feisty! Same costumes, dreary music, monotone actors. But this month’s curtain revealed a rate cut of 0.25%—the first variation in three years…

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a pre-approval!

Your x-ray vision has showed you some properties you’d like to buy. And you’re ready to move faster than the speed of light. But, even your sharp senses aren’t telling you just how much you can borrow… And, uncertainty and lack of confidence are a buyer’s kryptonite! Enter your super power in the...

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Dinner table convo; nail the Aus economy in 3mins

The RBA regularly disappoints audiences who prefer their fiscal performances feisty! Same costumes, dreary music, monotone actors. But this month’s curtain revealed a rate cut of 0.25%—the first variation in three years…

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5 reasons your referral partner should be your BFF in business

The American alligator balances sticks and branches on its head to entice birds in search of nesting material. The margay jungle cat mimics the cries of baby monkeys. Fortunately, attracting new clients is nowhere near as difficult. One sure-fire way to grow your business is to find referral part...

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What it takes to be part of Australia's Top 10 Brokerages

The past year has seen brokers fight against changing credit policies, the threat of losing commissions and falling borrower numbers. Two Loan Market businesses have overcome all that with an increased focus on the customer experience, diversification and a commitment to training and education.

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RBA historic cut will spur renewed optimism

Consumer confidence will be spurred by the ‘perfect three’; political certainty post the federal election, APRA easing credit guidelines and now, the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) decision to cut interest rates to a historic low today, according to Australia’s largest 100% family and owned mo...

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Loan Market dominate industry awards with 28 finalists

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Borrowers breathe as banks exhale!

If you’ve struggled to get a pre-approval/home loan for the amount you’d hoped lately, you probably blamed the bank. It’s frustrating, upsetting, alienating, unfair, infuriating… Since 2014, a high percentage of people have had their applications rejected.

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How do you rate?

​The Reserve Bank cash rate has hovered at 1.5 per cent since August 2016. This rate has more-or-less translated to a standard variable rate among the banks of around 4 - 6 per cent depending on your lender. But with today’s RBA’s cash rate decrease of .25 basis points, and another .25 basis poin...

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The Coalition wins - What do the results mean for your customers?

In a surprise win, the Coalition has prevailed! After a time of political uncertainty, it’s a relief to know the outcome of the election and what it means for you and your customers. I make it my job to be across these things, and understand what any policy changes include, and how they will assi...

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