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Are your clients eligible to buy a home while receiving JobKeeper?

Saving for a property deposit can be tricky. Add the stress, complexity and hardship of a global pandemic and your clients are bound to have some questions. I’m here to give you the lowdown on how the home loan process works if your clients are planning to buy a house and are receiving JobKeeper.

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JobKeeper. Your questions answered

Saving for a home loan deposit can be tricky enough as it is. Add the stress, complexity and hardship of a global pandemic? You’re bound to have some questions. I’m here to give you the lowdown on how the home loan process works if you were planning to buy a house and are receiving JobKeeper.

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Buying your first home in today’s COVID world

The Government has released a number of initiatives to help First Home Buyers get on the property ladder faster. It can feel a little overwhelming trying to understand all of the financial jargon and if you are eligible for the scheme. Let’s dive into the details.

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$25k HomeBuilder offer

​In the midst of the craziness that is 2020, there is always a silver lining. Yesterday, the federal government announced a $700 million housing package for Australians to access $25,000 grants to build a new home or start a major renovation. What does that mean for you? As a first ho...

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What your clients need to know this EOFY

​What’s going on in the property market? Is now the right time to buy? Should I sell? What about investing? All questions that many Australians are asking right now. Read on to find out more.

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Be in the know this EOFY

Let's kick off with rates, are they getting lower? Rates are at a historic low and have been for a while, with some banks offering Fixed Rates at a discount to the variable offering. What are the benefits? Read on to find out more.

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Is buying cheaper than renting?

While some are set on the great Australian dream of buying their own home, others are content with renting. And in unprecedented market conditions such as the ones we are seeing thanks to COVID-19, it can be hard to know what to do. Read more to find out three things to consider when it comes to ...

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Support your landlords (and retain them)

Are your landlords experiencing hardship? Here's five ways that I can help! First, I can assist with payment-deferral options for their mortgage. If your landlord’s tenants have lost their job or asked for a rental reduction, I can request a payment-deferral on their mortgage. This is when a l...

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We break down the shifts

The legacy of COVID-19 will be the digitisation of business. It has forced us all to accelerate our digital plans and to look at ways of operating remotely. So, let’s see how this changes the way we might work together in a post-COVID world.

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4 ways to make the most of covid-19 isolation

Consolidate your debts. Multiple debts can be stressful, both because of the financial hit each month and the need to remember lots of different due dates. By consolidating these debts with your mortgage, you could swap that confusing mix of debt obligations for one simple repayment each month.

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Questions about what's next?

What’s a payment deferral? ​This is also known as a mortgage holiday but don’t let the name fool you, this is no holiday. If you've been stood down, lost your job and cannot afford to pay mortgage repayments, you have the ability to enact a payment deferral. This is when a lender defers your rep...

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How I can help your clients during this time of uncertainty

In the midst of all of this uncertainty and chaos, I wanted to share that my business is covid-capable, and isolation-enabled. That is to say, it’s business-as-usual and if your clients need me, I am here.

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Is March a buyer’s month? To delay or act, that is the question

​I’ve read plenty over the years about the “best time to sell” for homeowners in Australia, and that got me thinking. When’s the best time for buyers? When is the market less competitive on the bidder-front? When are prices likely to be more affordable? And how much does supply of real estate sto...

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The race to the bottom; banks start zealously cutting rates

In the midst of a terrifying and rough summer for much of Australia, it’s odd to reflect on the season that has been for real estate. It’s been a while since the temperature of the housing and home loan market has been so pleasant. Record low rates, looser credit criteria, lender competition, gov...

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We’re starting later, it’s costing more - is the property dream unreachable in 2020?

Once upon a time, let’s call it the 80s, the average Australian would buy their first home at the age of 24. Here we are, three decades later, and buying property doesn’t occur until we’re 35. Why is that? Is it thanks to the price of housing in our popular cities, and the militant discipline req...

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Is your cash making you poorer?

​You know the phrase, “asset rich, cash poor”? It’s never been uttered in a more provocative environment. Even if you’re generally flush with cash, cash as an investment type is hamstrung these days by the central bank cash rate, meaning you’re poorer than you need to be. Let me say it straight. ...

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Absolut Financial joins Loan Market to strengthen commercial relationships

Melbourne-based brokerage Absolut Financial has moved to award-winning aggregator Loan Market to further its business diversification.

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Tile winning at the better business awards.

Loan Market celebrates 10 wins at the 2020 Better Business Awards.

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Around the country in 60 seconds: how are our property markets handling 2020?

​Economists and property researchers are feeling good about the future. They’re saying, as a whole, Australia is considered a growth market for property prices. And they’re putting it down to our financial regulations and a broadly stable economy. One researcher even said that the next five years...

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FHB and self-employed loan specialist links with Loan Market

First Home Buyer and self-employed loan specialist Rebecca Hudson has found a ‘natural progression’ in her new career as a Franchise Owner with Loan Market in Sydney.

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