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New Year - New Obligations

Did you know over 60% of Aussies have their loan arranged by a broker? Read on as I break down a few reasons why (hint: I'm legally required to work in the clients' best interests, unlike the banks!).

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Buying your first property in 2021?

If you're on the hunt for a property in 2021 then you won't want to miss the story of one couple who went from dreamers to owners in a matter of months (*pops champagne!*).

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Get the down-low

Well, first home buyers… the world is truly your oyster right now. I’m delighted to be answering your questions as you take the property plunge. I'll answer five of the most common questions I’m getting from first time clients, including major changes that are to your benefit.

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10 reasons your client is better off with a broker

Over the last decade, Australians have spoken with their feet. The upward trend towards using a broker has steadily climbed and today, some 60 per cent of borrowers use a broker to negotiate a loan. Here are 10 reasons your client is better off with a broker.

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10 reasons you’re better off with a broker

Most Australian borrowers these days use a broker. I still find it hard to believe that 40 per cent of borrowers will walk into a bank or their local lender and ask for a loan in 2020. It has been proven time and time again that loyalty doesn’t pay. Here’s 10 reasons you’re better off with a brok...

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Loan Market Group buys PLAN Australia, Choice and FAST.

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RBA Rate Announcement

Loan Market Executive Chairman Sam White said today’s historic cash rate cut by the Reserve Bank of Australia should encourage borrowers to review their current loans. Mr White believed banks and other lenders would be competitive in attracting new customers in the wake of the RBA’s 15 basis p...

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Borrowers could have better odds

The biggest changes to lending in Australia are being debated right now, and the winner could very well be first home buyers. If these changes come to pass, what will it mean for you?

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The missing piece in most property hunting

Buyers have been extremely active during COVID and many are finding that the difference between securing the property they like or losing out is the speed of getting pre-approval sorted. Turns out, not all lenders are sprinters.

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Slow lenders are costing buyers their advantage

During the real estate buying flurry that we’ve experienced during COVID, we keep hearing the same story. Not from my clients, or Loan Market's clients, but would-be buyers who keep missing out.

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What does it mean for you?

With tax cuts brought forward, you could see some cash back in your pocket. Want to know what other benefits the 2020-21 budget has in store?

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Five things your clients need to know about the 2020-21 budget

Get the low down of the 2020-21 budget, what it means for your clients and how I can help.

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Why so many Australians are building rather than buying in 2020

There’s a land rush happening across Australia bolster by grants and incentives, and premium house prices. Lofty property prices - thanks to general scarcity of stock and buyers making the most of low interest rates - and a raft of compelling building and first home buyer incentives have turned t...

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The process of building a home and growing a baby are not so dissimilar.

After you’ve saved for stamp duty and a deposit, secured land and loan, the journey of creating a new home averages about nine months - give or take. And just like parenthood, building a home from scratch, the trials and rewards are part and parcel of the journey.

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Building a home requires a special type of loan.

Just as moving into an existing home is simpler than creating one from scratch, a construction loan has more processes and complexities than a standard mortgage, Never fear, the experts are here to handle it for you. We can ensure a seamless process from the dream to the dream home.

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Common misconceptions about HomeBuilder

Whether you’re renovating or relocating this year, this $25,000 sum is helping lots of buyers and owners grow their property assets during a pandemic. I’m finding that - in the absence of overseas travel - my clients are focusing on property this year, and the HomeBuilder scheme (plus record low ...

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How to get lenders to fall in love with you

Good habits are gold. And it’s never too late to start, even if business is down, your hours have been cut back, or you’re receiving government assistance. I can help you get into a position where lenders still consider you a possibility.

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Two letters, but a world of difference

It’s only two letters that separate these two professions, but for your clients it could be a costly distinction. Read on as we break down the shifts.

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Let's break down the shifts

I find capturing the movements of the various markets so beneficial for my clients, particularly those who are looking to invest outside the local area. Read on as I break down the shifts.

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Why everyone's doing it

I’m not sure what the collective noun is for refinancers; a review, a revolt, a rave… whatever it is, there are record numbers of them. Read on to find out more.

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