Brad Platz

Loan Market Mortgage Broker servicing Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Darling Downs, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

About Brad Platz

After 30 years of banking experience I really thought I had something to offer the community, in particular new borrowers and small business customers. I noticed a big shift in attitude with the banks that had employed me and decided I needed more influence on some outcomes. 

 Mortgage brokers will do most of the leg work for you and with access to over 30 banks and lenders, the options are endless. Remember, the client doesn't pay the broker, they are only paid by the financier when a successful application is funded.

I want all clients to understand that I have experienced every type of application over my 30 years experience. They should know that I say YES more often than most and that my strike rate is way above national standards.
Given that I have survived over 30 years in the finance industry is a testament of my dedication to the trade. The most satisfying part about my job is being able to help all my clients whether they are new or existing.