Buying your first home in Melbourne's eastern suburbs

How I can help, at a glance

The path to purchasing

There are three key things that you need to consider before you start house hunting.

Borrowing capacity

Find out early on how much you can borrow: what would be the most that a bank would loan you? Compare that to what you can comfortably afford - there is often a difference. Lyndal can help you figure this out by looking at your monthly budget to see where you spend your money.

She can also help you calculate what you’ll be saving for your deposit and other purchasing expenses such as stamp duty, conveyancing, building and pest reports, bank fees and eventual rate rises.

Your deposit options

Many banks will need to see genuine savings - money that you save yourself over time. A cash gift from family can be considered in your loan application, and if you have a good rental history that can help too. However, it’s in your best interests to have your own savings By helping you budget, Lyndal can make sure you’re in the strongest position possible.

Employment history

Providing full details of your employment is part of every loan application process. Consider things such as job security. Are you just starting a new job? This could impact your application, particularly if you’ve made a career change and are working in a different field to your previous roles. If you’re self employed, there’s usually a bit more work that has to go into preparing to purchase.

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it all alone. Lyndal has gone through the purchasing process many times before and has the experience and skill to guide you through.

Words from a First Home Buyer

My wife and I would like to say a huge thank you to Lyndal Linkin for making the experience of obtaining finance for our house such an easy process.

It is our first house together and the first time my wife has purchased a house. We are both fairly inexperienced in the housing market so had many questions on what type of loan would be best, how we should set up finances and what we could reasonably afford. Lyndal answered all our questions easily, she is extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She left us feeling confident and clear about the whole process, what package would suit us best and what we could reasonably afford. She even took time to talk to us about what suburbs would suit our requirements.

Several times during the process we were feeling pressured, such as the real estate agent constantly asking about our finances, even when we assured her they would be fine. One call to Lyndal was all it ever took to sort the problem out immediately. It was great having Lyndal to leave us feeling calm and confident that any problems would be easily taken care of.

It is obvious that Lyndal loves what she does and enjoys helping people. We could not recommend her highly enough to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

Kind Regards,

Luke and Emma Walton

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