70-80% of people we talk to with an existing loan pay more for their loans than they need to.


Most people do the most important thing with their loans……PAY THEM on time.

Why do so few (in my opinion) do the SECOND most important…CHECK their loan.

Our Brokers offer a Complimentary Home Loan Health Check to assess your loan and compare it to what your current lender is offering and how well it compares to the Market.

This year alone we have saved over $12,000 a year in interest for two separate clients. Imagine if you are paying over $12,000 a year in interest to your bank that you didn’t have to, but didn’t know it.

Please, don’t be that person, get your Home Loan Checked.

We only need 4 simple pieces of information to be able to let you know of any potential savings you could make:
  • current Loan Amount/s
  • current Lender
  • current Property Value/s
  • current Interest Rate

Call or email anytime and let’s just check to make sure you are getting the right deal. Stop giving your hard earned money to these lenders unnecessarily.

It is important to keep this real – if there are costs involved, then these have to be factored in. It is important to us that we look to make sure you are making a saving in that first year with the costs factored in to swap over. So the saving on your loan needs to cover this and leave you with a saving.

Other reasons to look at Refinancing are:
  • Debt Consolidation to reduce the amount of cash you pay out per month and making your finances more manageable
  • Releasing Equity for Improvements to your home
  • Maybe looking at purchasing another property as an Investment

So don’t procrastinate on this any longer, call or email right now and look after your finances.

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