Have you had your annual home loan health check?

You service your car regularly, why don’t you service your home loan? You could be missing out on thousands of dollars of savings and repaying your loan sooner if you regularly check the state of your loan.

Wayne Pope suggests to his clients a quick “Home loan health check” should be done every year. “People are used to setting and forgetting, but this can cost them thousands in extra interest that they just don’t need to be paying – there is no charge for a home loan health check but the benefits could be massive”.

Home loans are generally the biggest expense people have each month. Refinancing can seem like a hassle, but your broker can help to make the process simple and painless and it could save you thousands of hard earned dollars for very little effort.

Generally Wayne only needs four pieces of information to perform a quick health check:
1. current loan amount
2. current property value
3. current interest rate
4. current lender

It's that simple! Why not email Wayne and have your loan checked today!