Are you a property investor with multiple properties? Maybe you are beginning your investment journey and need assistance to get into the property market?

I guide my investor clients on how to structure their finances to ensure they can build their property portfolios over time. Line of Credit, Redraw, Offset are all different product features which can benefit you as an investor if used correctly.

Investors realise that timing and opportunity are key to making good decisions and you also get what you pay for. Sometimes it's not all about finding the cheapest deal as often the lender with the cheapest rate and fees may not be able to support you as your portfolio grows and you wish to seek additional lending.

By knowing which lenders support you as an investor and have suitable products and policies to help you grow, you stand a better chance of maximising your investment and achieving wealth creation in the long term.

Some key features that suit most investors include:

  • Offset Accounts
  • Free Redraw
  • Line of Credit
  • Interest Only
  • Interest in Advance

To discuss your lending options in more detail and find the right lender for your investment needs please contact me for your FREE loan strategy session

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