Buying your first property in 2021?

With a broker on your side it could take less than 12 months to go from the idea to housewarming. Here’s how it panned out for one Loan Market customer.


This time last year Miss J and Mr K decided they wanted to buy a home. So in February, they sat down with Loan Market to see if this was a pipedream or a possibility. 


We then reviewed their scenarios, and looked at the types of properties they were happy to consider. We let Miss J and Mr K know that home ownership was an achievable goal, and the repayments weren't as scary as they had imagined (woohoo!).


We then discussed various purchase prices and loan sizes, and set a savings target for Miss J and Mr K to be able to qualify for a loan. Miss J and Mr K were so motivated to achieve their target and we were in touch every month to stay on track.   


As Miss J and Mr K looked at suburbs and prices, we sent them PriceFinder reports so they could track the market, introduced them to a solicitor, and in July we lodged a pre approval.     

As their savings continued to grow, we were able to increase their pre approval amount. This got them to their "sweet spot" meaning they were now eligible for a loan that would allow them to buy in the suburb that they really wanted (hooray!). 


It's time to celebrate! As Miss J and Mr K got closer to buying, we had another chat about the purchase process and negotiating tips. Fast forward to September, they had bought their dream home and in November, they popped the champagne and settled in.


We arranged their building insurance through Concierge* (your one stop shop from insurance to removal services), and their utility connections through Home Now * (water, electricity, gas, get the gist). Now they’re busy turning a house into a home. 

Let’s get your journey to home ownership started, I’m only a phone call, text or Zoom away. 

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