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    Australian Bank Levy - is it really as bad as it seems?

    The basics, good and bad. Is the bank levy as bad as it seems?

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    Basic introduction to loan structure

    The options are endless when it comes to loan structure, it's our job to take the stress out of the process and do all the research on lender and structure for you

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    Budget recap

    Brief recap of the Budget and how it could effect our clients

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    Mortgage Stress

    It has been noted by some market analysts that the current climate of rising mortgage stress could be creating a ‘perfect storm’ for many households

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    Thinking about buying under a SMSF?

    Have you ever wondered what is required for buying property under a Self Managed Super Fund?

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    What is Asset Finance?

    Asset Finance is steadily gaining popularity, learn more about the different types of finance available to you today.

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    Your loan has been approved.

    ​The five words every active buyer wants to hear. But the struggle to get there is greater for some over others, which is where using a guarantor comes in.

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    An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest

    We’re at the business end of the financial year. If you own an investment property, you could have the opportunity to pay the interest on your investment loan 12 months in advance and gain a tax benefit.

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    How to get auction ready

    ​It makes more sense today than ever before for home buyers to talk to a broker about securing their next property. Things are getting more complex every day with banks consistently changing interest rates and altering lending criteria in response to regulatory changes. This means that what’s rig...

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    Understanding renovation loans

    Renovation loans can alleviate the financial pressure and allow owners and investors to complete their renovation goals successfully. Understanding home renovation loans is the first step in deciding if it’s the right choice for your circumstances. There are several different options out there - ...

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    Market changes for Owner Occupied Lending

    In recent weeks and months there have been a lot of negativity around investment lending, beginning with the unexpected rise of interest rates due to the disparity between investment and owner occupied properties and banks higher risks associated to investment lending.