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  1. As the cash rate climbs, should you fix your home loan?

    The cash rate has increased for the fourth month in a row. Is now the time to fix your loan?

  2. Putting your best foot forward when bidding

    Whether you are just beginning your property-purchase journey, or adding to your portfolio, here are some tips to help determine how much to bid.

  3. Shock expected for fixed-rate borrowers

    Recent data shows a large number of Australian home owners could face a significant increase to interest rates when their fixed-rate term finishes. Here’s what you can do about it.

  4. Cash rate continues upward trend - what can you do if your repayments are too high?

    The RBA has increased the cash rate for the third month in a row. What can you do if your repayments are increasing?

  5. When is a good time to refinance your home loan?

    Refinancing your home loan could cut thousands from your interest repayment, but that isn’t the only reason to refinance. Find out more about when to consider refinancing.

  6. RBA increases cash rate again - what does this mean for homeowners?

    The RBA has increased the cash rate for the second month in a row. We break down how this has affected homeowners.

  7. Positive and negative gearing: pros and cons

    When you purchase an investment property, it could be positively or negatively geared. We break down the difference and what it means for the investor.

  8. How do lenders calculate my income?

    If you are self-employed and want to take out a loan, how do lenders calculate your income when assessing your application? We break it down.

  9. Cash rate rise - what does it mean for you?

    The RBA today increased the cash rate - here we have calculated how the cash rate increasing could impact your mortgage repayments.

  10. Investor loans continue to rise

    Investors are continuing to show confidence in the future of property with the latest data showing a 6.1% rise in the value of housing loans made to investors in January, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). A total of $11 billion was loaned to investors - that’s a new reco...

  11. Rate lock: how does it work?

    You’ve found the property. Your broker has helped you find the right loan with a competitive interest rate and all the features you want. You’ve completed the application and now you’re waiting for settlement. As the day comes you look through the paperwork but that competitive fixed interest rat...

  12. Federal Budget 2022: Who benefits?

    The Federal Government last night announced the 2022 Federal Budget with a big focus on counteracting the impacts of escalating costs of living and house prices. The schemes announced are targeted at helping Australians with the challenges of building up a house deposit through the expanded Ho...

  13. Are you a winner in this year's budget?

    The 2021-22 budget has now been released. There’s a lot of talk and I want to help break down the key initiatives targeting home ownership which could help you get into the property market sooner.