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    Loan Market announces International Award Winners - a celebration of success

    550 delegated attended the 18th annual International Loan Market Awards 2017 at the RACV Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast on Monday 11 September to celebrate the top achievements throughout the Loan Market Group.

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    Renovating for your target market

    When it comes to renovating your home, you might already have lots of ideas about what changes you want to make. But knowing who your target buyer is should be at the forefront of your mind if you’re renovating for profit. After all, a dark colour scheme in the bathroom may seem luxurious to you,...

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    Get prepared for the Spring selling season

    Spring is the perfect time to get your house in order. Just like with a spring clean, the warmer weather and lead up to Summer can motivate you to throw open the windows and freshen up your home. If you’re looking to sell, Spring is the perfect time. Buyers are coming out of the woodwork, lured o...

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    How families can help home buyers

    Saving to buy a property is not easy, and these days it’s harder than ever, due to a lack of affordable options in many capital cities.

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    Understanding the hidden costs of buying your first home

    If new to buying property, your client will soon discover how exciting it is to purchase a new home. There’s so much to take in, and with that can come surprises, not all of which are good. Hidden costs can emerge and take you unaware, so it’s best to be prepared for them.

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    Adding value to your home with a renovation loan

    Every homeowner wants to add value to their property. After all, no-one wants to sell for the same amount, or worse, less than it was purchased for. A home may have been bought with grand visions of a new kitchen, a different floor plan, a landscaped garden.

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    Myth Busting - Understanding refinancing myths

    Everyone wants to pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible. Refinancing your loan gives you the opportunity to take advantage of competitive rates and secure a better deal than what you previously had.

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    Putting yourself in a strong position to buy

    The time between making the decision to buy a home and the turning of the key in your new front door can feel like a long stretch, but there are steps you can take right now to put yourself in a strong position when it comes to buying.

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    What are interest-only loans?

    Interest-only loans are just that; interest only. The main difference between an interest-only loan and a regular principal and interest loan is that the borrower repays only the interest during the interest-only period, instead of paying back both the interest and principal loan amount.

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    What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

    For your clients, Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a way to help your client become a homeowner sooner without the 20% deposit that is generally required by the lender.

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    Banks vs non-bank lenders

    When it comes to borrowing funds for a home loan, there are a myriad of lenders your clients can pick from. Loan Market mortgage brokers work with both bank and non-bank lenders as they have different products on offer allowing them to cater for more of your client’s unique situations.

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    Low interest rates don’t just mean it’s a good time to buy a home

    With interest rates remaining low, in the light of yet another announcement of ‘hold’ from the Reserve Bank, now remains a great time to take advantage of low interest rates. Low interest rates typically signal an opportune time to buy property, but you can capitalise on them even if you’re not i...

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    EOFY Wrap Up

    Can you believe we’re already mid-year, with another financial year just wrapping up? The property market and employment rates varied significantly from region to region, interest rates remained low, the cash rate mostly remained unchanged, and headline inflation increased in Australia, as it did...