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    Not Just Home Loans

    Even though we spend a great deal of time working with home loans, our brokers are a useful resource when you’re looking to borrow funds for other purposes. It’s our job to explore your options, identify the loans that support your specific needs, negotiate on your behalf with the lender, and ...

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    Be Informed About First Home Fees

    Buying your first home is a great achievement. Understanding the extra fees and costs of buying your home, that can surprise some buyers, helps to make the experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Be aware not all home loans are as transparent as they first appear and hidden or un...

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    Investment Loans – Where do they stand post-election?

    Investment loans have been the subject of much scrutiny over the past 18 months, with regulators implementing major changes in a bid to control artificial inflation of the property market, and protect the Australian economy. Nevertheless, the investor market is continuing to boom and auction clea...

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    Prepare for the Unexpected Costs of Buying Property

    If you’re in the market for your new home or investment property, there are many things to consider, but for most people cost is number one. For first time buyers in particular, the amount of hidden charges along the way can be both surprising and frustrating. It’s important for prospective buyer...

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    Renovation Loans: Maximising your property value

    Renovating to add value to your home is a smart move, but it’s important that any work undertaken is affordable from the outset. Home improvements cost money, so the return on investment needs to be substantial enough to cover the initial outlay and still return a healthy profit.

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    Are you making the most of low interest rates?

    Interest rates in Australia are lower than they have ever been (the cash rate is currently at 1.50 per cent in Australia and 2.25 for New Zealand), but no one knows with certainty what the future holds. With talk that interest rates will remain relatively low into the future, it’s a good time to ...

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    Property investors get more out of working with a broker

    Using a mortgage broker to help you navigate through the investment lending process can sometimes be the difference between a strong or a weak investment. How your loan is structured plays a big part in your overall financial yield.

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    EOFY feature: Real Estate Outperforms in 15/16

    Well we made it: another financial year over, another huge year for local real estate. Not only did we see property buyers emerge in a number of new categories, we saw a considerable rise in lending. Here are some of the highlights of financial year 2015/16:

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    Self employed clients: what are the home loan options?

    You’re not imagining it: over the past two decades the self-employed proportion of the Australian workforce has increased considerably, with at least 2 million Australians now working for themselves.

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    Recent changes to curb foreign lending

    In recent months, Australia’s big four banks have cut down on lending to foreign home buyers. The decision follows the introduction of a new tax policy in June aimed at stopping foreign investors sending sale profits overseas.

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    Changes in the lending market

    When it comes to financing your next property purchase, it’s becoming more and more confusing with banks continually updating their own individual lending criteria. A mortgage broker can not only help you secure the right loan, they can help you understand the complexities of the current marke...

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    Tips for presenting your home for sale

    It can be challenging to make your home look fresh and inviting in the depths of a rainy winter. When you’re selling and getting ready for open for inspections, use these tips to get your house looking buyer-ready.

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    Tips for making renovating easier

    ​Home renovations, whilst rewarding and exciting, can also be expensive and stressful. Our partners from hipages have helped us put together a list of what can help reduce the stress and increase the ease of this process.