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    What you need to know to prepare for auction

    Gearing up to attend an auction for a property of interest can be both exciting and nerve-racking, so being well prepared is the first step. To avoid disappointment and potentially extra costs down the track, it’s wise to have a pre-purchase inspection done to the property, which will detect buil...

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    End of year bucket list

    December brings with it some exciting times with Christmas and a well-deserved break just weeks away. Midst trying to finish projects before the year ends and getting those last minute holiday preparations ready, it’s easy to forget about your yearly bucket list. We’ve put together some errands t...

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    ‘Tis the season to get in the kitchen and bake

    Food brings people together and there’s no time like Christmas to get into the kitchen and bake for your nearest and dearest. These festive treats will have everyone’s mouth watering.

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    Can the information on my credit file hinder my loan application?

    Talking to a mortgage broker can help understand the important role a credit file plays and can advise you of the different requirements by different lenders. Find out your options.

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    Ho Ho How to budget for the silly season

    The silly season can get pricey. Christmas gifts, parties to attend, new outfits for the occasions and -for those who go away- the cost of travel, food and accommodation. Here are some ways to help with the budget.

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    Three useful tips when buying your first home!

    Buying a property for the first time can be like taking a step in the dark for many people. Having a simple guide to follow can help shed some light on their new journey. With so many factors to consider it can be tricky to know where do you start. Take a look at some tips that can help get th...

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    Bridging Finance

    Commonly, people find themselves in the predicament of trying to sell an existing property whilst simultaneously buying another, therefore needing to borrow finance to ‘bridge’ the gap. This is called bridging finance. A bridging loan is provided by the lender in the form of a line of credit, typ...

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    Body corporate fees VS buying a house

    Buying an apartment, unit or townhouse usually means being part of a body corporate who handles the management and upkeep of the building and sometimes the entire vicinity. It is responsible for common areas and in some cases may pay for services like pools, gyms and in some cases concierge. This...

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    Spring into action with a clean to your home loan

    There’s no time like Spring to do a home loan “clean out”. If it’s been a while since the last review of your financial situation, you may be spending more than you need to. Find out the benefits of reviewing your home loan.

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    Equity in property investment

    If you have taken out a home loan and have been paying it off for some time, you may have access to some equity in your home.

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    Turning your tenant into your next buyer

    Owning your own home in the current market with soaring property prices comes with its challenges, especially for a renter. But with interest rates at the lowest they’ve ever been in Australia, now is a good time to explain to your tenant how they can qualify financially as a buyer and what lende...

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    Common home loan misconceptions

    With rules around lending constantly changing, new lenders coming into the market and people turning to family and friends for advice when it comes to buying a home and taking on a mortgage, it's hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. Take a look at these common misconceptions and how the...

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    What influences borrowing power?

    Determining a client’s borrowing power will ultimately set the foundation for their next big property move. Many are mistaken to believe that a large deposit and multiple assets automatically mean there will be no hurdles when it comes to loan approval. There are two parts that a lender takes int...