Moving house? How to make a furniture-free move

By Alex Honey, Sterling Interiors

Upsizing or downsizing and don't know what to do about furniture?

Including it as a package with your property sale might be the smartest move.

Sea', tree' or me' changes, new arrivals or emptying the nest can all be the catalyst for radical changes in the type, size and style of a new home.

The down side of this kind of exciting change is that furniture rarely makes the transition as seamlessly as you do. The 8-seater corner lounge and custom-built wall unit that sat perfectly in your sprawling family home will be the bane of your existence crammed in to a new city studio.

Likewise, your inner Martha Stewart could soon lose the decorating buzz when you're stuck trying to match new pieces to your existing furniture, if you are stepping up to a larger home.

Of course you want furniture that fits and looks great in your new place, but you don't want to spend a fortune to do it. Nor does it make sense to throw out quality furniture just because it no longer fits.

How much easier would it be to make a fresh start with money in your pocket to buy furniture that's perfectly suited to your new place? It can be that simple when you sell some or all of your furnishings with your home.

And the idea isn't just for lavishly furnished multi-million dollar properties it can work with any property or any room of your house. Well-equipped media and games rooms are a good starting point, as well as formal sitting and dining rooms.

Consider your outdoor furniture too and things like stylish oversized outdoor planters, they can be intrinsically valuable to the property you are selling.

There arealways a lot of important decisions to be made when you are buying and selling property so it's easy to understand why most people put the question of furniture on the 'let's deal with it later' list. But the best opportunity of saving yourself a headache (and probably some dollars) when it comes to furnishing is to address it at the very start of the selling process.