Refinancing is moving your business away from your current bank and generally requires a full application with income verification's and valuations.

Until recently, clients have baulked at this given the property values, however recently we have seen keen clients and a very competitive market encourage this activity again.

As a broker we have to see real value before considering this option and there should be significant savings and you will be surprised how much you could be paying to what the competition is. This is due to different promotions at different times and could be a result of the lender not passing on savings to you or not letting you know there is a better product to suit you now.

As a general rule we should be reviewing your loan annually or at least at fixed rate expiry if you have this product. This should mean no matter what your current situation you have the right financial advice for that stage of your life.

Refinancing generally takes around 5 weeks and as long as you move to a better product, understand the costs and fees, and see significant benefit it can be the right switch.

If you are considering this we can assist with no cost upfront valuations to see your equity and provide financial options

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