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    New report looks at Australian suburbs with the highest and lowest stock turnover

    There is much speculation on what will happen to the property market in Australia in 2018 with housing prices in some states having said to have hit their peaks, while others being told they have much room for growth.

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    What happens in an annual review with your client?

    Once settlement is done and dusted for a client, each year a broker will reach out to the client for an annual review. An annual review is conducted to check that the loan that was originally set up for your client is still right for their current situation and is helping them meet their financia...

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    The loan process explained - how a broker can help

    The role of a mortgage broker is to make the home loan process as smooth as possible for someone wanting to buy a property. When you need to secure finance, it’s hard to know where to start.

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    How a credit report affects a loan application

    As part of the approval process when applying for any type of finance, a lender will run a thorough check on your credit report to find out about your credit track record.

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    More home loan options for Parkes, Condobolin and Forbes residents

    Home buyers in Forbes, Parkes and Condobolin now have access to 30 lenders via well known local and trusted mortgage broker Katrina Ferguson​.

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    Lending a helping hand

    For many, entering the property market can seem daunting and at times an unachievable goal. If you know someone who is feeling like buying a home is out of their reach, then using a guarantor on their home loan could be an option.

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    6 reasons a Loan Market broker can help your client

    It’s important now, more than ever for your client to talk to a broker about their home loan. As a Loan Market broker, my goal is to help your client get one step closer to achieving their financial goals.

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    Thinking of investing in property? Here’s what you should know

    If you’re thinking about buying an investment property in 2018 but you could benefit from some guidance, you’ve come to the right place. We understand that dipping your toes into the world of property investing can appear daunting, that’s why we’re here to bring confidence to your decisions.

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    How to achieve your financial goals in 2018

    A new beginning (such as a new year) is a great time to set, or review, financial goals. If you want 2018 to be the year you pay off your credit card, take that dream holiday or invest, now is the time to plan to ensure you reach your goals.

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    How to buy a new home before selling. Bridging finance explained.

    Many of your clients will need to sell their existing home to purchase a new one so it helps to understand their finance options. The sale of a property doesn't always align with the purchase of a new property so I often use a bridging loan to ease financial strain during the transition.

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    What influences borrowing power?

    Determining a client’s borrowing power will ultimately set the foundation for their next big property move. Many are mistaken to believe that a large deposit and multiple assets automatically mean there will be no hurdles when it comes to loan approval.

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    Is 2018 the year interest rates will rise?

    It has been 14 months since the last Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) rate change took place and the question on everyone’s mind is, when will interest rates rise in Australia?

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    Time to refinance?

    Set and forget might work with the oven timer...not so much with your mortgage. Twenty-five years is a long time and things change.