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    Loan Market wins big at Australian Mortgage Awards

    Loan Market’s brokers, offices and teams have achieved great success at the 2018 Australian Mortgage Awards, winning an impressive six awards including the prestigious Aggregator of the Year award and the Australian Broker of the Year.

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    19 Loan Market finalists prepare for Australian Mortgage Awards

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    Brokers urged to unlock opportunities ahead of Commission’s recommendations

    Uncertainty posed by the Hayne Royal Commission’s Interim Report re-enforces the need for businesses to diversify products and strengthen customer relationships, a forum hosted by award-winning mortgage brokerage Loan Market heard on Thursday.

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    Royal Commission revelations: who do I work for?

    On September 28, Commissioner Kenneth Hayne released his interim report into the Banking and Finance industry which, at this stage, raises more questions than answers. The final report is due out in February, 2019 however with all the media commentary over the weekend, I thought I’d take the oppo...

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    The challenges facing residential prices

    After five years of stunning price growth, Australian residential property prices have just fallen for the eleventh month in a row according to a recent report from Core Logic.

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    This is in your interest

    A certain “set and forget” mentality slips in with mortgages. Money leaves your account to nibble on your mortgage. Meanwhile, you get on with other things. But here’s the question — if you have an interest only mortgage (IO) when does it switch to principal and interest (P&I)?

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    What’s an out-of-cycle rate hike? And who should care?

    Over the next couple of years, you can expect to hear a lot about out-of-cycle rate hikes. This means banks decide to raise rates even when the RBA hasn’t, hence, out-of-cycle.

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    Australia's latest jobs report is looking good

    Jobs growth in Australia is lumbering along, unchanged, at a near six-year low of 5.3%. But the light at the end of the tunnel, lurking in the latest, monolithic pile of data, is a drop in the under-employment rate, which refers to people who work casual or part-time but want full-time work.

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    Loan Market women recognised in industry awards

    Loan Market today congratulated a trio of specialists recognised at the annual Women in Finance awards held in Sydney this week.

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    Loan Market and Cellarmasters announce new partnership

    Loan Market’s online comparison and utilities connection partner, Home Now, has unveiled a unique customer offer with Australia’s premier wine retailer Cellarmasters.

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    Loan Market celebrates 19 finalists in industry awards

    Loan Market and its network brokers have been named finalists in 12 categories of the 2018 Australian Mortgage Awards (AMAs), including the prestigious Aggregator of the Year title.

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    Negative gearing, capital gains and a possible Labor victory

    With the recent leadership spill - many questions have been raised. What does it mean for Australians and the housing market? Two things come to mind…

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    Rates are rising, but who will join the party?

    Westpac has broken the rate rise stalemate between the Big4 when it decided to raise home loan interest rates. With the official cash rate staying put by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and 3 of the Big4 now with a rate rise in play, who else will play copy cat and hike up their rates too?