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    Bernard Desmond named FBAA Finance Broker of the Year

    Loan Market’s Bernard Desmond has taken out one of the top titles at the Finance Broker Association of Australia (FBAA) Gala Dinner and Awards of Supremacy, being recognised as Finance Broker of the Year (VIC & TAS).

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    Mick O’Shea named MFAA Young Gun of the Year

    Loan Market broker Mick O’Shea has been named MFAA Young Gun of the Year at the Australian Mortgage Awards 2018.

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    Daniel Green takes out Broker of the Year title

    Daniel Green of Green Finance Group, a Loan Market franchise, has been named Broker of the Year - Commercial at the Australian Mortgage Awards 2018.

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    Industry peers rank Loan Market #1

    Mortgage aggregator Loan Market Group has been ranked the Number One Broker Group for ‘overall satisfaction’ by a poll of more than 550 industry peers.

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    More and more people are using brokers

    Mortgage brokers are being used now more than ever. Why is this happening?

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    Is now the time for first home buyers?

    If you’re a first home buyer with your finances in order and a good credit record - the odds are in your favour! If the data is anything to go by, opportunities will only get better.

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    Do you have a grip on your finances?

    Do you know how much you owe, what your super balance is or what interest rates are around right now? If you don’t, you’re not alone.

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    The Ultimate First Home Buyer’s Knowledge Toolkit

    From saving for a deposit to the sales process, buying your first home involves detailed steps. Learn about it all with this guide from Loan Market.

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    Royal Commission revelations: who do I work for?

    On September 28, Commissioner Kenneth Hayne released his interim report into the Banking and Finance industry which, at this stage, raises more questions than answers. The final report is due out in February, 2019 however with all the media commentary, I thought I’d take the opportunity to highli...

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    The year of the first home buyer?

    First home buyers with their finances in order and a good credit record – the odds are in their favour. If the data is anything to go by, opportunities will only get better. If you're curious, get in touch. I can help your clients compare loans from over 35 lenders and even hold your hand during ...

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    This is in your interest

    A certain “set and forget” mentality slips in with mortgages. Money leaves your account to nibble on your mortgage. Meanwhile, you get on with other things. But here’s the question — if your clients have an interest only mortgage (IO) when does it switch to principal and interest (P&I)?

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    Loan Market wins big at Australian Mortgage Awards

    Loan Market’s brokers, offices and teams have achieved great success at the 2018 Australian Mortgage Awards, winning an impressive six awards including the prestigious Aggregator of the Year award and the Australian Broker of the Year.

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    19 Loan Market finalists prepare for Australian Mortgage Awards