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    Equity in property investment

    You may have access to some equity in your home if you have taken out a loan and have been paying it off for some time.

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    How to flip houses and manage your finances like a pro.

    Thanks to reality TV shows like ‘Aussie Property Flippers’ the idea of renovating for a profit is definitely a thing. But how do you ensure your flip doesn’t turn into a financial flop?

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    Loan Market appears almost three times more than any other brand in industry awards list

    Loan Market brokers, offices and teams have achieved a jaw-dropping result, with a huge 21 finalists announced in 16 categories for the 2018 Australian Broking Awards, almost three times more than any other brand.

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    Loan Market launches ‘First Time Investor’ campaign to drive customer connections

    A new integrated marketing campaign from Loan Market arms brokers with the tools to stimulate business from novice property investors and existing customers - with the aim to help make the process as simple, and clear as possible.

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    12 wins for small businesses in the budget

    The budget came with a range of changes in a bid to help small businesses grow, drive export and create jobs. Our Wealth Market experts have also prepared a wrap up report for the 18-19 federal budget.

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    Refinancing. Do your clients need it?

    One of the easiest ways your clients could make a positive financial change (especially when trying to free up extra cash for the year ahead), is a home loan review.

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    Aaron Greffenius named Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance Broker of the Year

    Loan Market’s Aaron Greffenius took out one of the top awards at the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Excellence Awards in New South Wales, winning the title of Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance Broker of the Year.

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    Loan Market brokers win big in Victoria

    Loan Market brokers celebrated at the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) Excellence Awards in Victoria, as the brand took home a number of awards across key categories including the Business Development Manager Award and the Young Professional Award.

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    5 Reasons to refinance your home loan

    Not sure why you should refinance? Loan Market explains the top five reasons you should consider making the move and switching your home loan with the help of a mortgage broker.

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    Top 5 benefits of mortgage refinancing

    Mortgage refinancing may sound complicated, but there are big benefits to reap when you make the right move at the right time with your home loan. Discover how you could be happier with your home loan.

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    How renovating adds value to your home

    Looking to renovate your home to improve its aesthetic or structure? Loan Market explains how to add the most value and the best way to finance the makeover.

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    Knowing when to refinance your home loan

    Is it time to refinance your home loan? Recognising when to make the move is easier than you think with this guide from Loan Market.

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    Myth Busting – Understanding Refinancing Myths

    Loan Market busts the top four myths about home loan refinancing and explains the true benefits you could reap by switching your mortgage to a different lender with the help of a mortgage broker.