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    Promising property returns on the horizon

    by Alex Henderson, Prosper Group Low interest rates, solid growth in rents and housing shortages are evident in most Australian property markets. As affordability for many property buyers improves along with the outlook for the economy, property buyers are looking to purchase well positioned...

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    Rates will increase in big steps

    by John Kolenda, Executive Director Yesterday's decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) comes as no surprise with most economists expecting interest rates to remain on hold, as we wait for a continuation of the good news we are currently hearing about the local and international...

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    Houses versus apartments

    by Greville Pabst, WBP Group With housing affordability at the lowest level in years, it is a great time for investors and renters to secure their place in the market. But when it comes to houses or apartments/units, it is worthwhile spending some time to consider which property type represents...

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    Capital Gains Tax principle place of residence exemption

    by Arthur Kassos, CPA Recently I have had a couple of Capital Gain Tax (CGT) questions sent to me asking similar questions in respect to the principle place of residence exemption.' A couple has purchased a block of land in 1994 to build a home for themselves. They eventually build a house on...

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    Here we go again - your tax checklist

    The first month in the 2009/10 financial year is already over and hopefully you have or are busily preparing your 2008/09 tax information to lodge your tax returns. DON'T leave it till later, as later is always too late. Before you know it your return is overdue and you're rushing around trying...

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    Interest rate conditions prompt renovation finance surge

    The lowest interest rates in 49 years have created good conditions for homeowners looking to undertake some form of property renovation, with finance for projects in the $20,000-$100,000 range becoming much more achievable and affordable. And indeed we have recently seen an influx of homeowners...