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    End of financial year…already!

    Buoyant real estate activity, home values started to settle, interest rates staying at record low levels.

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    What’s all this talk of a Property bubble bursting?

    We seem to have a lot of attention from ‘industry experts’ at the moment writing about an imminent property bubble bursting and things are set to come crashing down around us (in Australia !!!!) Really? Should we all be worried and start selling to protect ourselves?

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    What's All The Fuss Over Lending Criteria?

    There has been much media attention this past month around lender servicing criteria becoming even tighter and how some borrowers feel discriminated against, creating more confusion in many instances. So, how do lenders assess a borrower’s ability to comfortably afford the anticipated repayments...

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    February Auction Clearance Rates Finish Strong

    A big start to the year with Melbourne/Victoria leading the charge in auction clearance rates! Despite reports of a weakening property market and talk an impending crash, preliminary clearance rate results for Melbourne came in at 75% (as of Sunday 28 February)

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    2016 Begins with no official rate change

    Last year saw continued growth for the Australian housing market, though not as high overall as some predicted at the end of 2014 – though there was definitely solid steady growth in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne.

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    Happy Holidays - Time to Relax

    It was this time last year that we wrote how there was literally no interest rate movement from August 2013 through to the end of 2014, with many analysts predicting a rate rise around March-April of 2015.

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    Offset Accounts - The Mystery Unfolded

    The Reserve Bank met on Melbourne Cup Day (how dare they?) and decided to keep the cash rate steady.

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    Hope for First Home Buyers

    Many first time buyers start by having a discussion about buying a home, then conduct a quick internet search on the localities they know, followed by a review of their savings and how much they have saved to date.

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    Tax time and RBA leaves rates as they are

    Popular opinion is that we shouldn’t see any movement with the cash rate in the near future.

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    Rates remain on hold, borrowers take advantage

    Many sales agents are reporting strong results however vendors are having to discount more to achieve a result, this is in spite of rates being the most affordable we have seen since the 1950′s

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    Reserve Bank Lowers Cash Rate

    The Reserve bank has lowered the cash rate which means home loan lending is yet even more affordable.

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    Clearance rates-Week 4 March 2014

    For the last weekend of the month, there were 1124 auctions reported to the REIV, a final clearance rate of 71 per cent compared to 72 per cent last weekend and 69 per cent this weekend last year. Of these 795 properties sold under the hammer leaving 329 passed in, and about 183 of those passed i...

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    Clearance Rates – Week 3 March 2014

    The weekend saw plenty of auction action across all of Melbourne with an official clearance rate of 75 per cent recorded by the REIV for the weekend compared to 72 per cent the previous weekend and 67 per cent this weekend last year.